Owned and Operated by a Married Couple

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We're empowering women and couples to make an income doing little more than they might normally do behind closed doors. It's a chance to make money selling photo sets and videos of yourself naked and in sexual situations. If you've ever sent nudes or videos, why not try and make money doing it?

To be eligible, we ask for the following:

  • Create a "stage name" that's neither typical stripper (Misty Rains, Destiny Dreams, etc) or overly simple (Lisa Smith, David Johnson, etc).
  • Create a Dropbox account (available as both an app and a web site), then send us the email address you used when registering the account so we can invite you to a folder that only you and we can see.
  • Create a minimum of 10 sexual/nude photos at the highest resolution possible and with good lighting and angles.
  • Create a minimum of three high-resolution sexual/nude videos with good lighting and angles. We ask that they be a minimum of 3-4 minutes long, with 5-10 being even better. We can put multiple short videos into one longer one if necessary.

Please record all videos "to completion" which means if, for example, you're masturbating, do it to orgasm. If you're taking a shower, film yourself stripping down, washing, then toweling off and getting dressed again. For more details and some ideas, click here.


The more you create and submit, the more your portfolio will gather attention and potentially make you more money. If it's legal to do and film, we'll accept it.


Your identity will never ever be stored on the servers or revealed to a soul.


We'd be happy to answer any questions whatsoever you may have. Our email address is [email protected].