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  • If you're using your phone to record your videos, be sure and record them in landscape (horizontal) mode; not portrait (vertical) mode. This makes the video fill up the entire screen, which equates to happier viewers.
  • Always, always ensure your photos and videos have sufficient lighting. Avoid having light behind you. Failing to do so can turn you into little more than a silhouette.
  • Record videos in at least 1280x720 resolution. Even larger resolutions are always welcomed. Why? Because many people view videos in full screen. A video recorded in a higher resolution will remain clearer when enlarged. The same goes with photos.
  • Don't try too hard. What do we mean? Don't fake orgasms, don't dramatize moans, don't try to make sexy faces, etc. The goal is to do what you would normally do if no one was around.
  • Don't be afraid to get kinky and/or downright dirty. You'd be surprised at just what people love to see girls and couples doing. It can also be quite liberating. This isn't, on the other hand, a requirement.
  • Don't be too concerned about being recognized. Aside from the fact that we'll never reveal your identity, there are billions of people on the planet; the chances of someone you know tripping across your portfolio is slim to none. You can also change your hair color, wear sunglasses, wear a Mardi Gras mask, or a whole host of other things. It doesn't take much to hide your identity if you're concerned about that.
  • Don't submit photos and videos from when you weighed considerably less. Your goal should be to build your portfolio over time. If potential buyers see signs of being deceived, they'll avoid you like the plague.
  • Be open to requests. If a viewer wants to see you doing something specific, he or she may be willing to pay quite handsomely for that opportunity.
  • The larger your portfolio becomes, the more views it's likely to get. That leads to more potential sales of your content.

Ideas: Struggling to come up with good ideas for videos and photos? Look below.

  • Anything anal
  • Anything lesbian
  • Masturbation - Always to orgasm
  • Squirting
  • Showers - From stripping down, washing yourself, toweling off and getting dressed again
  • Lactating
  • Anything nude or sexual outdoors
  • Insertions - Anal or vaginal
  • Most BDSM
  • Urination/wetting - Whether in a toilet, a container, onto a floor, in the tub, outdoors, in your pants, shorts, stockings or panties, this one is an extremely popular fetish
  • Wearing vibrating panties/butterfly/remote control vibes, etc, and going out in public.
  • Group sex
  • Couple sex

Aren't sure if your idea would be a fit? Email us at [email protected] and ask.